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Share/Savings Accounts

Share Accounts

Dividends are paid quarterly with the dividend rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) listed below.*

Regular Shares*
Balance .01 and above .30% Div. Rate .31% APY *
TermShare Accounts** .50% Div. Rate .51% APY *
Minimum Deposit $1,000.00
*(These rates were paid on share accounts for the second quarter 2017, and are subject to change quarterly by action of the board of directors.)
**Term Share Accounts: Minimum Balance of $1,000 invested for a year at a fixed rate of interest, subject to penalty for early withdrawal. The Board declared a rate of .50% with an APY of .51% for term share investments made or renewed within the third quarter 2018.

Loan Accounts

Starting January 1, 2018, loan rates will be determined based on your Experian credit score.  To view your credit score, you can go to Credit Karma. 

  • 740-850 credit score will receive the interest rates listed below.
  • 680-739 credit score will be charged 0.25% greater than the interest rates listed below.
  • 640-679 credit score will be charged 1.0% greater than the interest rates listed below.
  • 600-639 credit score will be charged 2.0% greater than the interest rates listed below.
  • 550-599 credit score will be charged 4.0% greater than the interest rates listed below.
  • credit score below 550 will be charged 6.0% greater than the interest rates listed below.
Loan rates listed below apply to payments made through Payroll Deduction or other form of recurring electronic payment, non-recurring electronic payment financing is subject to higher rates, currently 1.00% higher.

To view and download our loan application, please click here(PDF Format): NREACU Loan Application If you are unable to view pdf format, get Adobe PDF Reader here:
Or you can apply on-line by clicking this link: Loan Application

Share-Secured Loans


Share-Secured 3.875% APR 48 months [$22.53/ $1,000]
(100% secured (Declines with payment of loan)

Vehicle Loans

New Vehicles*
(Maximum 100% of List/Sticker)
2.54% APR 36 months [$28.89/$1,000]
2.54% APR 42 months [$24.92/$1,000]
2.54% APR 48 months [$21.94/$1,000]
2.54% APR 60 months [$17.77/$1,000]
*Vehicles Valued at $25,000 or more 2.54% APR 72 months [$15.00/$1,000]*
Newer Used Vehicles*
(100% NADA Used Car Avg. Retail (Up to 2 Years)
3.24% APR 36 months [$29.19/$1,000]
3.24% APR 42 months [$25.22/$1,000]
3.24% APR 48 months [$22.25/$1,000]
3.74% APR 60 months [$18.31/$1,000]
Used Vehicle*
(90% NADA Used Car Average Retail (2015-2011)
4.24% APR 42 months [$25.67/$1,000]
4.24% APR 48 months [$22.70/$1,000]
Personal Secured by Vehicle See Above APR
(See Auto Rates-Year of Vehicle, Loan Term)
Older Vehicles*
(Truck & SUV-70% NADA Used Car Average Retail) – 2005 Oldest
6.25% APR 30 months [$36.10/$1,000]
*Loans can be made on boats, watercraft, snowmobiles, ATV’s, as long as they are titled.*Recreation Vehicles and Motorcycles must be booked through a local dealer.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans 7.25% APR 36 months [$31.00/$1,000]
(Maximum $5000 up to 36 months membership)
7.25% APR 48 months [$24.07/$1,000]
(Maximum $12,500 after 36 months membership)
Vacation-Time Loan 7.125% APR 24 months [$44.84/$1,000]
(Maximum $3,000]


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